About Me

Hello there, and welcome to my blog. My name is irrelevant. I prefer to remain anonymous, simply because privacy does not exist in the world I know. I’m 16 years old, from a small farm town in Pennsylvania. My school is almost like a huge dysfunctional family. We love and hate all at the same time. We’re the kind of people brought together by tragedy, but otherwise live in coherent harmony. I love these people very much, but at the same time, they get on my very last nerve.

I survive my high school years with the help of my best friend of seven years, and my boyfriend of near seven months. They are the only source of sanity in this young life of mine. My mother and my sister are very important to me, since my father left us when I was at the age of eight. My younger sister provides a source of humor, innocence, and playful immaturity. My mother is my rock, respecting me to be a much greater age than I actually am. Without these four particular people, I’m not quite sure how I would get by.

Music is also important to me. I never seem to make people understand this. My father was quite a talented musician, and he seems to have passed that on to me. I play the piano casually and the clarinet in my high school marching band and concert band. I also enjoy using my voice as an instrument. It helps me express the emotional I can never otherwise extend. When I am not physically producing music, I thrive off of the sounds of groups/singers like Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Occasionally, I throw in today’s typical pop music. I have music to help the production of sanity in my life as well.

I really enjoy writing freely. English has never been my best subject, but this year I have embraced it under a new light and taken serious time to complete any writing assignment I am given. Besides this, I spend my time creatively writing my thoughts and feelings to whichever blog site I choose. I switch back and forth from this blog, to my journal on tumblr. Unfortunately, my journal doesn’t have as much privacy anymore. I use this to say the things other people simply cannot see. I hope you enjoy what you read. Feel free to share any thoughts you may have with me. I would love to talk to you.



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